First day back to work

I often hear people talk about the dislike returning back to work after a seasonal break, for me I quite enjoy the routine of returning to work. I found it hard and by lunch time I was struggling with pain levels caused by my Cerebral Palsy but I knew if I kept myself busy and ignore them they would go away. Before I knew what time it was, there was a quick sharp vibrate on my wrist from my fitbit alarm, to tell me it was time to head home. I find time a strange concept and without the reminders like a clock I wondered just how one perceives time. Being Dyspraxic I am a poor manager of my own time so I love to use tech to help me plan tasks with reminders from my phone. Another thing I will do is use my fitbit tracker to limit the amount of exercise/walking I do. So when it notified me that I had done 5000 steps today already I could be forgiven for being in pain as I know that 5000 steps about 2 miles is my limit over the day.

I have a slight concern that I am not going to be able to retain enough memories over the day to help me to write these journals. This wasn’t helped by coming home and my carers confusing me about tasks they haven’t done over the christmas break, saying that I must have remembered them incorrectly. When you are so sure that something in your head has happened and someone tells you that it hasn’t it questions your memory and makes you even more confused. I have a very good care plan because of this so when mistakes happen I wonder if my care plan is working. It also makes me slightly scared to change anything from my normal routine as I know things will not be picked up like they haven’t today. my own view is it really doesn’t matter but people get really defensive when you tell them they are wrong.

2 thoughts on “First day back to work

  1. angietrafford January 4, 2016 / 6:42 pm

    Maybe try a to do list so you know what has/hasn’t been done? SplenDOr is a good android app that talks to you.

  2. markinsutton January 5, 2016 / 7:07 pm

    Thanks Angie. Oh my first reply! I do use Google keep as I love the way it geo tag reminders so when someone has told me I have forgotten something I can look at my archived items and know I haven’t. Most of my problems come from when I ask other people to do them and they say they have so I mark them complete only to find out later they haven’t been done.

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