Planning Tasks

activities chartFurther to my post from yesterday I wanted to write a little bit today about how I plan my tasks for myself and my carers to do so nothing gets missed. I have made up an activities chart to help when tasks need to be done and when they where done last. Here is an example of a week. I have found out today that I will have no lunch tomorrow because someone has used all my sandwich fillings and not told me. I have some soup in the cupboard so just thought nothing of it. However due to my left side weakness I use a special bowl with handle on it to take hot things out of the microwave. I don’t really like to use the microwave at work because I am worried I will drop a hot dish. I have been better since I use my special bowl and all my carers know this, I have just found out that someone has decided to put it in the freezer with something in it. I have no idea what despite telling my carers I need everything labeled with dates on when it goes in the freezer. Whats more is the dish is not freezer safe so is likely to break when I try and thaw whatever is in it, as this is what happen to my last bowl.

What worries me the most is despite having this activities chart I am still told that I have been mistake and the task was not on the chart to do. I am What the hell? How can that be the case when it is there now? I am more than now worried that I can not ask people to help me to do things without being told I haven’t asked when I am 100% sure I have. After all my carers know I go to work 3 days a week so why would I not need food for those 3 days? To say I didn’t ask is just plain silly. I really hate having to plan my week in advance as I can not choose what I want on the day but also understand that I don’t have the understanding to do this myself and I didn’t think that my food plan below could be anymore clearer…?

food planning .jpg

I have huge doubts in my head if I am doing the write thing. How many systems can I put in place to stop me from going without food? Noticing how small my meal was this evening. I looked in the fridge only to find half of it in there. No idea why considering I told my carer not to bother about lunch tomorrow as I will buy a sandwich. Plus considering the food as been cooked, frozen, recooked and put in fridge I am pretty sure I not allowed to reheat it again and with no information on what to do so I don’t think I have a choice but to thrown it in the bin or have cold chicken and pasta tomorrow. Considering I had a poorly stomach on Sunday I don’t really want to do this.

Losing the ability to remember stuff is scary enough without being told you have made a mistake when you know you haven’t. I even tried to consider that maybe I have, hence my reason for acknowledging that and to say I will buy lunch myself. Not really practical when all I get £10 a week onto my benefits and £2 goes towards a lunch and maybe £3 on petrol. I enjoy work and it gets me out of the house. Things like this do not help.

Totally forgotten why I am even saying this now apart from it was  written on my bedroom mirror as reminder so I must have had a reason to  remind myself that I wanted to record this event for later.. Thats the whole thing is no matter what reminders you put down for yourself unless you have a reason for it they seem pretty pointless.


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