New Years Resolution

Well That didn’t last long. I said I would blog everyday and it only lasted a week. Thats the huge problem with memory loss is you forget things. I have been staring at a note on my message board saying ‘Update Blog’ For ages I was thinking I don’t have a blog, why or what am I updating?

It was only today that I remember that I said I would update this everyday for my new years resolution. Reading back on my last posts I not sure why I came up with the idea of updating it in the first place. I have however come up with another idea which does not involve this blog. I thought last night why don’t people come with instruction manuals?  It would be so much easier if we did. This gave me the idea that I don’t come with a manual so I thinking maybe I should write one for myself. Like most ideas in my head it comes with a load more questions like, Who will read it, is it possible to write a manual even for someone like me who likes so much to happen in the same way, or will this then cause me to get even more confused because I can not change what is in the manual? Even given the simplest tasks like making a cup of tea. How many sugars do I want? is their any need to put this in? Once in the manual it means rewriting it if I change my mind one day. These are the most stupid questions that bog my head down with questions. I lose hours of sleep because I asking myself these questions.

At the end of the day I normally come up with the answer “whats the point?” It is so hard for me to really get focused into someone when I have time to myself.

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