The Title?

I am going to have to think on what I am going to call these posts if I am going to write on here. For today It will just been known as ‘The Title’

Today has been a good day despite being in a lot of pain from this week. Nearly caught a cold over christmas but lucky I manage to fight that off. I have been looking at spending some of the money I saved up towards christmas treating myself to a new vacuum cleaner, exciting stuff I know. I love my trusted Henry but it is heavy and since the damage done in my back I find it hard to lift over the table. Being a gadget man I was looking at a robot vacuum but think I am going to settle for a Dyson v6 animal. I haven’t been a huge fan of anything Dyson which is slightly funny as the only thing I have actually brought made by Dyson is a fan. I am going to see how I get on with the new vacuum and if I don’t like it I will send it back. I am getting it home delivered hoping that it will arrive on Thursday the day my carer’s come to do my cleaning so they can help me set it up.

I have installed a new power socket into my cupboard under the stairs today allowing me to plug it in. I am really proud of myself as I haven’t done much electrical work since leaving my first job in 2000. how time flies? I remember much more of my long term pass than recent stuff now so when it came to wiring things up and working how I was going to put the socket into the wall I was really pleased I did such a good job, One would say it looks really professional.